A bit about me…

I’m a millennial with a wonderful wife. We live in Ontario, Canada and have our first baby on the way. I list professional engineer as my primary occupation but could add college professor and hockey referee in there as well. Best of all, I’m a follower of Jesus Christ.

Like you, I have been working though what often feels like a struggle between growing my faith and growing my wealth. Only recently have I begun to realize that those two things need not be polar opposites.

You see, for many years I thought God was rather silent on monetary issues – other than tithes and offerings of course. It wasn’t until I began a “Bible in a Year” reading plan that I began to realize just how much God really told us about money. News Flash… It’s a lot!

Our Heavenly Father, the good parent that He is, has given us the financial principles we need as his children to ensure we are prepared for the challenges of this world. As his children, our decision is to learn and heed that advice or not.

As I read through the entire Bible and highlighted passage after passage of biblical financial wisdom, I decided that I needed to work out how each applied to the way I manage my own financial resources. That is how I can up with the idea for this blog.

The intention BibleCents.com is to explore the good cents (pun intended) that God has included in the Bible to help us best manage our earthly wealth. Along with that, I hope to help and educate those who are interested in personal finance and investing “God’s Way”, by contemporizing these principals to the here and now, often through my own personal experiences.